Friday, 20 July 2012

24:7 Theatre Festival, and so it begins...

Tonight saw the start of my 24:7 Theatre festival experience for 2012. This is the third year I have attended. In 2010 I managed to go to 5 productions, last year I managed 8 of 13, this year, I’m planning to see and blog all 10, plus a couple of extras. If I manage it I’ll be very proud of my little self! For anyone who doesn’t know what 24:7 is about, the website has lots of information, but in brief it’s a theatre festival that encourages new writing in the form of a series of one hour plays, hosted in central Manchester and it is well worth checking out.

Tonight’s venue for both plays was The Pioneer stage at New Century House, a venue that has been used before. However, this year they have reconfigured the layout to put the audience on three sides of the performance stage on tiered seating. This is a great move, creating a very intimate theatre experience, and eliminating some of the issues with sight lines that I felt this low ceilinged venue has suffered from in the past.

So on with the blogs……

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  1. Phew, you'll deserve a medal for staying the course!