Tuesday, 24 July 2012

24:7 The Cell 24/7/12

It’s an extremely warm day for my final visit to the atmospheric Three Minute Theatre as part of the 24:7 Festival and it is baking hot inside. I mean, who expects warm summer weather in, erm, summer! Thankfully there are also lots of lovely cold drinks in the fridge served by the smashing lady in charge of the place, and I’m soon sitting down, cold beer in hand, amidst much fanning of programmes, to see the latest festival offering.

The Cell, written by Michael Crowley and directed by Ron Meadows, finds us in a modern day prison. A prison Officer and prisoner are barricaded in the cell and demanding to see the Governor. But all is not necessarily what it seems at first glance.

Very strong performances by Paul Regan as Prison Officer Scully, and David Barlow, as prisoner Kelly, are at the centre of this play. A prisoner has died, one has been attacked, and the narrative explores the drivers for, and consequences of, the actions that have taken place. Maybe it was the heat, but at times I did find it a little hard to keep up with who did what to who, but nicely paced dialogue, with a good mixture of humour and drama are combined with a clever twist to good effect in this intense play. A simple but effective set conjures up the confines of the cell, and the intimacy of the venue compliments the setting.

A good end to my time at this quirky venue as part of the festival, but now I know it is there I am sure I will be back.

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