Monday, 2 January 2017

Failed Resolutions and a round up of my year!

Every year I start off with good intentions when it comes to my theatre adventures – I ­will do a blog for everything I see. Every year these good intentions fall by the wayside. 

There are many reasons for this, lack of time being the main one, but also others. If I found a production just OK its sometimes a bit hard to think of anything to say. If it was downright awful, as a blogger rather than a paid critic I can choose to say nothing at all. If I’ve left it a while after seeing a show it is hard to get started, no matter how good the show was. And sometimes it can begin to feel distracting when you fall into the mindset of ‘what can I say about this’ during the performance rather than enjoying in the moment. 

I do tend to put more effort into smaller productions, as it is sometimes harder for them to get the publicity from the ‘proper’ critics. Although the Manchester Fringe scene seems to be getting better at this, particularly Hope Mill Theatre, which is getting some well-deserved attention from the big names, and has an exciting programme to look forward to in 2017. 

2016 has been an extremely poor year for blogging, I’ve personally had a lot on my plate, but I’ve also been a bit lazy with it. I've had a gradually increasing pile of theatre programmes and tickets scattered by my bedside trying to shame me in to pulling my finger out, but it hasn't worked!

But I do regret the ‘ones that got away’ because this blog serves as a useful reminder to me of the theatre jaunts I experienced. So I’m going to attempt a whistle stop tour of the year  in the next few posts, with links to those that actually got ‘properly written up’ (some of which I’m only now getting round to pressing ‘publish’ on) and maybe a line or two on others.

So here goes - read on for

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