Monday, 21 July 2014

In My Bed, 24:7 Theatre Festival 21/7/14

This play by Rebekah Harrison explores the dynamics of friendships and relationships, as Sarah (Olivia Sweeney) embarks on a new but flawed relationship with Danny (Kurt Nikko), and the impact of that on her friendship with flatmate Rose (Amy Drake).

It's told in a non-linear form, quickly transitioning between various scenes, and keeping the audience guessing as to exactly what has transpired until quite late in proceedings. Sweeney as the central character does a great job of switching between the various snapshots of time in what must have been a challenging and somewhat exhausting role. Drake gives us some fine and lively comic moments, well balanced with the more serious aspects. And the script gives us pause to think about whether it is worth suffering to experience joy, or to experience neither.

The play tries to pack in a lot to the hour, not always successfully. There is mention of Sarah's previous relationship, but this is not explored and it feels like it doesn't really add much. I really enjoyed the depiction of the relationship between the two flatmates, but found Sarah's relationship with Danny less convincing. And the switching between moments of time, backwards and forwards constantly, feels a little overplayed and exhausting and limits the ability to explore the characters more and maybe understand their motivations.

Some interesting themes, and in no way a bad play, but not my highlight of 24:7 so far.

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