Friday, 12 August 2011

London Town!

I'm on a jaunt down to London for a few days. Its been arranged around a show I already have booked - but being a complete theatre obsessive I am hoping to fit a couple more shows in whilst I'm down here. But which, that's the question! That's the problem with London, too many things to do and too little time (and funds!). I was talking to a London taxi driver a while ago and he was saying that he never went to see shows because they were so expensive, and I can see his point, some of the shows in London are priced so high its only tourists that ever go to see them. That's a real pity with so much fabulous entertainment on the doorstep. Manchester prices look extremely good value in comparison.
However, my top tip is the tkts booth in Leicester Square. This sells discounted tickets for many London shows, and often they are brilliant seats. I've randomly chosen shows from there a number of times and seen some amazing stuff, and quite regularly I've been in the first few rows, in fact Dominic West once fell off the stage at my feet! Ticket prices are generally (but not always) 50% off, quite a bargain.
Anyway I did some reasearch on the train on the way down and had a shortlist by the time I got to the tkts booth and saw what was available. I plumped for Top Girls in the end mainly because Suranne Jones is in it and I know she is a fabulous actress. I remember about six years ago going to see 'A Few Good Men' in London that she was starring in. It was one of her first big stage roles after leaving Coronation Street and I thought it might be 'stunt casting' to increase ticket sales. But her performance in that was pitch perfect and I've been a big fan ever since. Other than that I knew nothing about the play, but that's sometimes where the best theatre experiences start.......

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