Sunday, 24 July 2011

24:7 The Shadow of Your Hand

So for my second show of the 24:7 festival "The Shadow of Your Hand" by Michael Stuart. A two hander starring Steven Pinder (oooo it's Max Farnham off of Brookside!) and Rosie Fleeshman from the renouned Fleeshman dynasty!
Really interesting play, extremely dark at time, but also very very funny. Steven Pinder plays a blinder as the socially inept advertising executive Steve, and Rosie Fleeshman was very impressive as the mysterious and mesmerising homeless girl he invites in. The play explores power, and how the balance of power can shift in an unexpected fashion.
From what I saw of the play, it was a clever piece of writing excellently performed. However, the venue (Sachas Hotel) quite frankly sucks! There was no raised stage, and a lot of the action takes place when the characters are either sitting down or on the floor, so despite being only three rows back, I spent large portions of the play basically listening to a play rather than getting the full benefit of the performances. And that was a real pity because when I could see then both actors excelled in their roles. I would actually love to see it again with an uninterupted view to properly experience the play. Rosie Fleeshman in particular, gave a well judged and unsettling performance, and is definitely following in the family footsteps.
So in summary play and performances 9/10, venue (lack of sight lines, water dripping through roof, icky damp smell 2/10)!

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