Tuesday, 26 July 2011

24:7 The Crimson Retribution

One of the things I love about the 24:7 theatre festival is going along to a play having very little idea as to what to expect, and finding a real treasure. Last year that was Islanders, this year I suspect it will be The Crimson Retribution.
From the get-go this work grabs your attention, mixing cleverly choreographed comic book action, comedy, and a strong and innovative storyline to excellent effect. This is a sharply paced piece, and the cast work incredibly well together. As well an as at times very funny script, there is a lot of cleverly observed but more subtle humour (who knew a comic book hero could drink tea so annoyingly!), and how noone gets hurt during the impressive fight sequences (Kapow! Crunch!) is beyond me.
Its a real tour de force from the cast and its hard to pick anyone out for special praise, but Paul Sockett in the title role (as well as a couple of nicely observed extra characters) was a particular highlight, giving an amazingly focussed and humourous performance, worthy of the best action hero!
This play and its cast deserves the sell outs it is currently playing to, and I sincerely hope it has a life beyond the festival. I would definitely go and see it again

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