Thursday, 21 July 2011

24:7 No Place Like Home

The first play of my 24:7 experience this year was the festival opener No Place Like Home by Rebekah Harrison. This was set in a womens refuge as a new resident arrives with her two children and we gradually learn the stories of the residents told over a few days.
It was a well constructed play, lots of ordinary day to day life mixed in with the gradual awareness of what these women have been through and the effect on them and their families. A little bit of comedy, and a lot of very powerful scenes and good performances from the cast (despite a few dodgy sound cues, which we will put down to first night nerves!). The one bit that didnt really work for me is the sections where the son would step outside his role and do short movement / dance / acrobatic pieces, I just didnt 'get' that and felt it actually detracted from the narrative that was unfolding. But all in all it was a great start to the festival for me, a very moving play, and a great acheivement for the cast, writer and crew.

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