Thursday, 28 July 2011

24:7 The Rainbow Connection

Well after all the drama and moral questioning of yesterday I needed a bit of light relief, and that was delivered by today's lunchtime offering, The Rainbow Connection by Joanne Sherryden. Early indications were good (the lady on the bar at the venue told us people had been enjoying it a lot!).
Its a story of two neighbours, Joe (Anthony Crank) and Shelly (Danielle Henry), who become best friends. Both of them are avoiding facing up to something in their lives, but through their developing friendship, and occasional fall-outs, they both find the courage to face their fears and move on.
Its a sweet tale, nicely told, the cast get some great laughs from the audience (the 'morning of shame' being a particular highlight!), but there are also some very touching moments, especially as the background the Joe's accident and his agrophobia become clear. At times I felt the pace could have been stepped up a little, but this is a minor quibble on what was overall a fun and moving show.

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