Sunday, 2 August 2015

24:7 The Plant 25/7/15

Two men are imprisoned in a mysterious small cell. To speed the passage of time one, Leon (Alex Phelps) starts to weave a narrative, with frequent interjections from the other Keith (Jonny Cordingley). As the tale moves on it becomes increasingly complex and darkly comic, and the lines between narrative and reality of their situation become blurred as we find out more about the brooding Plant that looms over the town that no one can escape from. Oh, and there is a brave duck called Rodney! 

I really enjoyed this clever piece of theatre. The writing, by James Kerr, was engaging, in turns funny and slightly creepy, and the two talented actors did an incredible job in bringing the story to life. I wasn't entirely surprised when I saw the name of Michael White in the playbill as movement associate, as the seamlessly smooth physicality of the performance had definite echoes of pieces that I have seen from Square Peg Theatre. Although the reality of the two inmates stories was never fully resolved, I liked that as it left me imagining more. 

All in all I felt this was an accomplished and clever piece of theatre, tightly directed and excellently portrayed. Definite highlight and deserves to be seen more. 

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