Sunday, 2 August 2015

24:7 Madness Sweet Madness 25/7/15

Madness Sweet Madness by Georgina Tremayne was a play concerning a mysterious night in the lives of Grace (Sophie Harrison) a widow struggling with the loss of her husband, and her brother in law Vesuvius (Matt Aistrup), exhausted by her bizarre and compulsive behaviour. Into this mix comes two mysterious 'detectives' (Sarah MacGillivray and Matt Holt) who may be a product of the imagination of one or both of the central characters.

I'm afraid this play did not engage me at all. The plot I suspect was meant to be quirky and intriguing, but personally I found it dull, verging on the self indulgent, and the 45 minute running time dragged. 

There were some engaging performances, but coupled with a weak narrative, an obsession with omelettes, and a set device of a glowing shed that made no sense, instead of dragging me in and making me think, which was possibly the idea, it just left me feeling frustrated and somewhat annoyed that this was the play I was ending my 24:7 Big Weekend on.

Venue was lovely though, the Cosmo Concert Hall at the Martin Harris Centre is beautiful (determined to end on a high!!!!!) 

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