Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Alchemystorium, Lowry Studio, 4/10/12

Oh if only a trip to your local coffee chain was like this! 

If you visit the good folks at the Alchemystorium café, you may well get more than you bargained for with your coffee order!

This magical production from Gomito Theatre was just the tonic for a wet dreary autumn evening. An hour of magic, romance and comedy is blended together perfectly in this tale of friendship, love, longing and coffee. The production uses elements of physical theatre, dance, comedy, puppetry and mime to great effect to deliver an extremely funny and heart-warming narrative. The elements of puppetry were used to fantastic effect; a beautiful ballet performed by two puppets sticks particularly in my mind, but with so many magical moments throughout it seems churlish to pick any one out.

The three deviser / performers Katie Cooper, Lizzie Franks and Sam Worboys deliver outstanding and energetic performances, engaging the audience from the start, working perfectly together to deliver this delightful, eccentric tale. The pacing is finely judged, I found myself completely caught up in the events on stage, and actually a bit sad when it was all over.

The music used is haunting and nicely matched to the antics on stage, and the set is a piece of wonder in itself, incredibly inventive and quite literally transforming before your eyes.

I’m so glad I had a chance to see this original piece of theatre. Funny, touching and inventively told, a complete delight from start to finish.

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