Monday, 6 February 2012

Frisky and Mannish, Pop Centrelink, Speigeltent, Perth Fringe Festival, 5/2/12

Thought I would try a bit of holiday blogging!

I first saw Frisky and Mannish in Perth at the 2011Fringe. I came pretty late to the F & M party, before 2011 they had never been on my radar. My Australia based cousin Jen chose the show, and I had no idea what to expect. Anyway they were fantastic, and I googled them from Australia and discovered they were playing the Lowry in March, e mailed my pals and booked tickets to see them on my return home. I saw them twice in the UK in 2011, and was so excited when I found out that my trip to Australia this year was going to coincide with both the Perth Fringe and a repeat visit from F & M.

Whenever I try to describe F & M to others I struggle. Musical comedy duo seems to sell them short somewhat – I think the easiest way to see what they are all about is to check out their website which has plenty of examples of their work. What I can tell you is I have introduced a few people to them since I first saw them, and they have all become fans. They are talented, inventive, and very very funny.

This was their first date at the Fringe, having arrived in Australia less than 24 hours before, but despite what must have been horrendous jetlag they put on a hell of a show. Whilst this was a slightly truncated version of a show I had seen in the UK, they had added brand new material, including some stuff especially for the Australian audience (which cousin explained to me – and informed me that the Billie Piper reference may have been lost on most Australians!). The Speigeltent is a fantastically intimate venue and was packed on the night I was there which made for a great atmosphere. And F & M coped admirably with the small technical challenges that arose, incorporating them seamlessly into the show.

If anyone reads this in Perth during the Fringe then I strongly recommend you go and bag yourselves a ticket (and maybe discover a new career path in the process!). Also tell me, as I'm never convinced that anyone other than the 20 or so friends and family that have to read this blog ever read it! The rest of the festival programme is pretty amazing too, and I’m hoping I can get a couple more shows in before I have to return to the frozen wastelands of the UK.

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