Sunday, 12 June 2011

Hard Times at Murray Mills

Hello blogosphere! Or maybe just me – not really sure who reads my self- indulgent ramblings. I have this week discovered the dichotomy of blogging – when you have things to talk about, it probably means you have very little time available to update your blog!

Loads has been going on this week, but I suppose I better try and start chronologically. I told you in a previous blog that I had been given the opportunity to be a guest blogger for the Library Theatre Company’s production of Hard Times at Murray Mills in Manchester. I observed a rehearsal a few weeks ago and blogged about it, and then this Monday I got the chance to attend a preview of the show and see how it all came together. It was a fabulous experience, as you can read in my Blog on the Library’s website. I’ll publish it here in a separate post, but I would encourage you to go to the Library’s site as there were four other bloggers and we all picked up on different aspects of the production.

I’ve been to see a few ‘promenade’ performances in the past, but this was different as you were not herded around, the action started, and the audience were free to surround it as they felt fit. It really made for an extremely involving experience, I felt completely immersed in the action, and the setting of the Mill really added to that. I would encourage you to go and see it but tickets are like gold dust. On the day tickets are available and if you are in Manchester it would really be worth a visit to the Midland Hotel to try to get some.

I was really nervous writing the blog as I didn’t know whether I would be able to find an angle to talk about that would be of any interest to others. I hope I did it justice, it really was a unique night at the ‘theatre’.

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