Wednesday, 30 December 2015

The Snow Child, Lowry Studio 30/12/15

The Lowry can usually be relied upon to provide a good mix of family festive entertainment to suit every age, budget and attention span. In particular, the Studio often has a lovely festive offering for the smallest members of the family, and now I have a niece and nephew I have a good excuse to go and check it out.

This year they have brought Tutti Frutti's production The Snow Child to us for our Christmas treat. Based on the traditional Russian folk tale where a couple's wish for a child comes true when the child they build of snow magically comes to life, this show looks at it from the point of view of the Snow Child having to adapt to the unfamiliar human world and the challenges that she and her new parents face in becoming a family.

This is a lovely production, full of music, movement and snowy sparkly magic that keeps young and 'not so young' engaged throughout. There are jolly songs (I particularly liked the one about 'other people's children') , clever but simple set design and scene transitions and a genuine tenderness to the work.

The cast of three wonderfully bring alive the characters, Paula James and Mark Pearce are great as the parents and various other parts, and Mei Mac as the Snow Child is simply delightful, so engaging with a real air of innocence, magic and energy as she whirls around the stage. 

The show kept the audience transfixed throughout, at just under an hour the running time was just right for the primary target age group ( although the 'not so young' were equally enthralled) My two youngest guests who are four and a half really enjoyed it and it had their full attention at all times. Their favourite bit was when the Snow Child made it snow, and they were a bit star struck to actually meet her as they left the auditorium.

All in all an excellent way to round off the festive season and a very good value piece of magical and touching entertainment.

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