Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Happy Birthday Blog

Happy Birthday Blog
Well my little blog is one year old today – hasn’t time flown. I couldn’t let this momentous occasion go by without a little blog entry to reflect on what I have discovered from my first year of blogging;

  •  It’s been a positive experience for me. Since I was first challenged by the Library Theatre to write my first blog, I have discovered I like the process of attempting to document my thoughts, and it has also been incredibly helpful in remembering the detail of shows I have seen.
  • Readerships  are unpredictable, but can be immensely helped by retweets from theatres and theatre companies! Blogger has this ‘audience tracker’ function that I am a little too obsessed with. I seem to average out about 20 regular readers (over 4 continents – hello Russia!), but if I get a retweet from say a theatre my readership can be much higher. When Sheffield Crucible and Daniel Evans (Artistic Director) retweeted my Company blog last year I immediately hit triple figures. And when Happystorm theatre put quote from, and a link to my blog on their website I was so thrilled. However, I haven’t yet worked out what Steerage (part of last year’s 24:7 festival) did, as they top my ‘page views’ chart and have since I first blogged their show.
  • Feedback is hard to come by. Apart from family and friends who have been forced to read my blog, I actually don’t have a clue who reads it on a regular basis and what they think. If you are reading my blog please log a comment sometime letting me know what you think.
  • Blogging as close as possible to the event is much easier. There have been a couple of things in the last year that never got blogged because I left it too long and couldn’t think of what to say.
  •  I should have thought of a snappier name for the blog – even I struggle to recall the web address at times, and it takes up way too many characters.

Anyway, thank you followers, for reading my ramblings, there will be more to come very shortly

Alison x

Oh and if you were to buy the blog a birthday present, new readers and comments would be top of its wish list!

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