Sunday, 1 January 2017

The Night Watch, Royal Exchange Manchester 4/6/16

I thouroughly enjoyed this intriguing adaptation of the Sarah Walters book.  Structured in the same way as the book, looping back in time, so you gradually build up a picture of the characters lives after and during the Second World War Blitz, the production draws you in to their lives. 

An extremely clever set design where the circular stage was split into concentric circles moving in opposing directions, combined with a constant movement of characters, often with two scenes crossing each other, reflected the way the various characters lives constantly circle and connect.

Jodie McKnee in the lead role as the androgynous Kay Langrish gave an outstanding performance full of intensity, isolation, love and pain. The quiet emotion was very strikingly delivered, and the sense of injustice on so many levels throughout the play was very effectively portrayed.

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